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The Artist's Way 

In "The Artist's Way" I reflect on how the perception of time and journey has shaped my path as an artist. In 2017 I decided to take a radical change in my life by quitting my job as a professional dancer. The overwhelming fear that I was losing time in that context pushed me to travel into the unknown. But this change in turn altered my experience of time and the concept. After stepping away from the daily routine of schedules and deadlines, I suddenly had the possibility to watch the world go by. The work draws on the experience of that journey as well as exploring others' perception of time. It is a way of reflecting on how time affects our paths and decisions in life.

Choreography: Robert Robinson


Jamal Uhlman 

Marta Cerioli

Conal Francis-Martin

Giada Zanotti

Giovanni D'agati

Costume Designer: Max Zara Sterck


Sound Designer: Edmund Shaw


Assistant: Cara Rother


Photography:Laura Schepers


Special thanks to the Origin Festival Culture for this opportunity to create this work. 

Running Time: 1 Hour 
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