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Nobody Knows 

"With my work 'Nobody Knows,' I'll explore human connections, dedicated to those navigating change. Amidst personal change, fear, and doubt emerge, yet I feel a powerful bond, a reminder that I'm not alone. 'NobodyKnows' is a collective journey through the unknown. The central theme involves confronting fear directly with the mantra 'nobody knows: don't worry,' affirming trust in the process. Through choreography, I acknowledge the inevitability of change, portraying universal anxiety in transformations. This piece aims to inspire a profound sense of community, fostering support.

Choreography: Robert Robinson


Robert Robinson 

Marta Cerioli

Daniele Badagliacca 

Sofie Vervaecke

Giada Zanotti


Sound Designer: Edmund Shaw


Photography:Laura Schepers


Supported by Origen Festival Culture

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